Top 3 Places Which Impress Me Most After Visiting Australia

I spent 3 months in Australia last year, my footprints were all over 6 states and 2 territories of this 7,692,000-km2 country. I agree that despite it’s a little boring, Australia is a still beautiful country, as well as safe and in good order.

There are so many places impressed me deeply during my staying, but it is impossible for most of my readers to spend such a long time there, I’m going to give you some suggestions about some places you MUST NOT miss.


No.1 Uluru

Yes, strongly recommend you set your first step in Uluru, it is located in Northern Territory, it is called “The Heart of Australia” because of its geographic location. Brilliant, changing colors, throughout the day and night, especially the sunset viewing is spectacular. The only regret is that local government bans climbing since Oct, 2019, but I think is right because we should respect environmental protection and the faith of local aboriginal people.

No.2 Shark Bay

Shark Bay

Compared to Great Ocean Road, Great Barrier Reef and so on, Shark Bay is not a very popular tourist destination, it’s in Western Australia and with a 700-km distance to Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, such a remote location makes Shark Bay a niche destination for visitors. But trust me, it’s definitely worthwhile.

Denham is the biggest town of Shark Bay with a population of about 700. It’s supposed to be your base when visiting Shark Bay. About 20km to Denham there is a resort named Monkey Mia, it is well known of daily wild dolphin feeding, and you can find almost all aqua activities there.

Besides, Hamelin Pool Stromatolites, Shell Beach and Eagle Bluff Lookout are keywords you should remember in Shark Bay.

No.3 Kangaroo Island

Kingscote, Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is called “a wildlife zoo without fences”, it is the symbol of South Australia tourism.

If you are currently in Adelaide, to get to Kangaroo Island, you should drive for about 1.5 hours to Cape Jervis, then take a ferry for about 45 minutes. The first step in Kangaroo is Penneshaw, a very beautiful town.

The biggest town in Kangaroo Island is Kingscote, it’s in the center of the island, so most of tourists choose to stay there, and there is a small airport nearby, so taking a flight is an alternative choose, despite there are only flights from Adelaide.

In Kangaroo Island, you are expected to meet many wildlife animals, such as koalas, emus, echidnas, water birds, and of course, kangaroos.

I must reminder you that tickets of ferry are not cheap, a round trip with 2 people and a car will cost you about $500 (AUD), and everything in the island is a little more expensive than in mainland.

About Accommodation

6 berth motorhome

You’d better to book all accommodation in advance because I ever saw some guys looked for an available room asking from one hotel to another.

Besides, Australia is such a rich country so everything there is expensive, in most of big cities, you have to spend at least $100 on accommodation every day, so renting a caravan or motorhome is strongly recommended by me if you are able to drive, especially if most of your trip is not in cities. You can easily find many caravan parks in towns, usually $20-30 for every night, and there are some free campsites built by the government too, but most of them are no-power sites. Another advantage of caravans is that you can cook yourself in the car, it can save your money significantly.

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