The 4 Best Tourist Attractions in Sydney That You Just Can’t Miss

The 4 Best Tourist Attractions In Sydney That You Just Can’t Miss

Sydney, a water-side city with its dazzling beaches, astounding historical and world’s famous landmarks makes it amongst the famous tourist places that you shouldn’t miss. So, here are 4, one of its kind tourist attractions that will help you in planning out that spectacular vacation spot!

1. Exotic Sydney Beaches

Sydney is famous for its magnificent beaches. The turquoise water, golden sand, cool breeze, smooth waves, make these beaches one of the top tourist attractions in Sydney. If you want to enjoy watersports, fine dining, nightlife, shopping markets, and taking that soothing coastal walk then you must visit the iconic Bondi Beach for an amazing coastal view. If you are not an ocean fan than you can take a dip in the most famous Bondi Icebergs swimming pool on the outskirts of the beach where you can soak up in Australian sunshine, stretch out on clean sand and watch people throw a Frisbee and eat ice cream to cool off the sun tanning. However, if you’re an ocean fan, for best ocean views take a walk along the cliffs of Bondi to Coogee. There are also other ocean beaches like Cronulla, Bronte, Maroubra, and Tamarama. Don’t miss cliff-top golfing, surfing, whale-watching, sea-side water polo, open-air cinema, Ben and Jerry’s, and Bowl-A-Rama skateboarding competition.

Sydney Bondi Beach

2. Sydney’s National Opera House

The most famous and iconic tourist attraction in Sydney in a multi-venue performing arts Center, the Opera House. The soaring white roof with a building shaped liked shells and red granite platform located on a finger of land surrounded by smooth water, the Opera House has been internationally recognized as an architectural icon of the 20th Century by UNESCO world heritage site. Currently, the building is undergoing an upgrade and is scheduled to be completed in early 2021. It was designed by a relatively unknown Danish architect named Jorn Utzon, who also won the competition of designing Australia’s Opera House. Who knew that his design would become one of the famous Sydney landmarks. You can visit the main theatres and if you’re lucky enough, you may get a sneak peek of rehearsals at the backstage like that of ballet dancers. If you still get confused, you can always take help from tour guides, who’re incredibly knowledgeable and will walk you around.

Sydney Opera House

3. Iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge

The city’s best-known landmark before the construction of the Sydney’s Opera House was built in 1932 and is known to be the world’s largest steel arch bridge. No visit to Sydney is complete if you don’t see this iconic bridge also called Coat Hanger by locals. You can take a stroll on the bridge’s walkway or admire it from below, it will give you the most astounding view of the city and a breathtaking panorama view of the harbor. On New Year’s Eve, this is where the fireworks are displayed each year. Along its length, it has two railway lines with eight lanes for road traffic. An interesting opportunity that lies here is of Sydney Bridge Climb. If you’re a daring soul, you can book a 135-meter high summit. The guide will take a group of up to 13 people on a 3.5-hour climb to the top of the outer arch. Trust me, there’s nothing like gazing upon the striking Harbor Bridge silhouetted against the Australian sky.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

4. Sydney’s Wildlife At Taronga Zoo

On the edge of a hill in Northern Sydney, Taronga Zoo is an enviable location to enjoy one of its kind wildlife. Here you can enjoy a close-up view of Australian wildlife as well as animals around the world. From African Savannahs to South American Jungles. Sumatran Tigers to Tree Kangaroos. You can see as many as 4000+ animal species. You can also book the Zoo’s entry ticket in advance which also includes a ride on the Sky Safari Gondola. The Zoo’s live events include; Roar and snore overnight stay and concert series as well. Definitely making it worth visiting! Other highlights of the zoo that you don’t want to miss are Seal Show, Lemur Walkthrough, and Koala Encounter.

Taronga Zoo

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