89-Year-Old Man in SW China Becomes Nude Model

An 89-year-old man from southwestern China’s Sichuan province began working as a “nude model” in 2012, Chinese news site ThePaper.cn reported.


According to the elderly model Wang Suzhong, one of the millions of empty nesters in China, he loves being a nude model since it frees his mind and relieves his pain of loneliness.

5 years ago, he was by chance invited by a modeling agent at a studio of a local college to be a nude model. As a fan of body art, he accepted the invitation and officially entered the business of nude modeling.

“I was not shy about exposing myself for the first time since I’ve seen such scenes,” Wang said, adding that he would hold still as possible as he can during the painting.

During the past 5 years, he has modeled for students of nearly 20 colleges in Sichuan province.

“I could earn 70 yuan ($11) with my clothes on, and 100 yuan naked,” he said, adding that he got a 10-yuan raise over the last year.

“I used to live on low income benefits, and now I earn extra money,” he noted.

However, Wang has never been understood by his son who believes that nude modeling is a shameful job. His son even cut off ties with him for this.

Fortunately, his granddaughter Wang Xin showed her support. “It’s great for him to find what he loves,” said the 19-year-old girl who’s currently studying at college.

“I want to set an example for all empty nesters like me by having fun in life and making contribution to society,” Wang explained.

In China, nude models are usually young and beautiful girls (image source: https://xchina.co)

According to him, modeling not only improves his life materially, but also has become a spiritual dependence.

He believes that nude modeling is not a shame but art, and what he does will push forward the development of culture.

“I know the miseries of the old days, and being a nude model in this freer society is a good choice for me,” he said. 

Article source: https://www.today.com/news/sexy-china-tv-drama-busted-returns-air-more-sedate-wbna56713955

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