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Partners Media Net, Execute unit by Best Partners Group Ltd.

Our credo: “Optimizing synergies”.
1.Understanding Business
2.Managing Channels
3.Optimizing Results
Partners Media is a B2B marketing agency that operates in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and Europe. With leading customers in the high-tech, IT, and low-tech industries, we spare no effort to help them grow their business via efficient marketing solutions.
We Understand Your Business: We live and breathe B2B and know how businesses sell to other businesses.
We Know How to Manage Channels: At Partners Media we don’t do only digital, only conferences, only printed collaterals or only social.
We are a marketing agency that takes advantage of each and every channel to craft the best marketing
mix and target it to specific audiences.
We understand the synergy between channels. We build the perfect funnel and scoring system
for all marketing platforms, and work closely with you from plan definition, through lead generation
to engagement analysis management.
We Optimize Your Results: We know how to turn potential leads into loyal customers. We use analytics to determine and capture your marketing qualified leads (MQLs). We engage in multi-touch campaigns to close the loop with your sales people and give them only sales qualified leads (SQLs). We distill the process so that the resulting leads are optimized to the maximum.
Our Marketing Expertise: Choose any service package that is suitable for your needs. From full turnkey marketing management to outsourced marketing talent, our services help you grow your business.
• Customer journey mapping
• End-to-end campaign management from design through execution to optimization
• Engagement analysis
• Scoring system
• Lead management
• Intelligent analytics
• Outsourced marketing professionals for short or long-time engagements, full-time or part-time positions, with clear budget and overhead savings
• Temporary replacement of and backup for your marketing team, according to your needs and company regulations
• Agile ability to support ad-hoc projects with marcom managers, marketing
automation specialists, creative, content, social, digital experts, and more
• Marketing services from strategy to execution
• Unique model – marketing mix tailored to your specific needs, schedule and budget
• Flexible, dynamic and modular marketing solutions
• Clear and measurable marketing campaigns with tangible results
• Development of marketing strategies with business partners
• Reinforcement of the brand of both partners
• Management of global channels and distributors
Partners Media has many years of experience implementing best marketing practices.

Our customers know that we understand their business.

We go the Partners Media and they recognize us by coming back for more.


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