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Call Center (CRM Integration)

  • Reduce call handling times with automatic CTI screen pops, identify callers and route them to the right agent.
  • Quick, out-of-box integration with popular CRMs, like Partners Media, and integration with most custom CRMs.
  • Eliminate screen switching with intuitive interface.
  • Display caller information with CTI screen pops.
  • Automatically record call details in your CRM.

CRM integration helps agents personalize calls using CTI screen pops and more. Identify callers by unique attributes, like phone number, and display information, such as the caller’s name, on the agent’s screen before the call connects. Out-of-box integration for Partners Also integrates with most custom CRMs.

Reduce call handling time with automatic CTI screen pops

Once our system identifies a caller, we’ll put their information on the agent’s screen using CTI screen pops. This reduces call handle times and creates a personalized call experience.

Identify callers and route them to the right agent

We identify callers through a unique identifier, like phone number or account number, and then quickly route them to the right agent. For example, if your caller is located in the Western U.S., we can route them to an agent who services that geographic region.

Tight integration with popular and custom-built CRMs

We have out-of-the-box, tight integrations with Partners so you can be up and running quickly with minimal effort. If you’re using an in-house or custom-built CRM, we can likely integrate with it, too.

Eliminate screen switching with intuitive interface

Our “always there, never in the way” agent interface makes it easy for agents to get key information quickly without tedious, time-consuming screen switching. It reduces call handle time by uncluttering the desktop, speeding up outbound dialing, and providing automatic call data sharing between the phone and the CRM systems.

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