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About Partners Media CRM Platform!

Partners Media CRM Platform – a project aimed at creating a powerful and universal system of CRM and business automation. Unlike counterparts in the distribution Partners Media CRM Platform provides all the functions of the system: the base of customers and transactions, calendar events and tasks, modules forming proposals, invoices and purchase orders, goods and services, warehouse, work with customer orders modules e-mail and SMS – mailing lists, and other functions. All this makes Partners Media CRM Platform in one of the best free business automation systems..

1. Creation and support of solutions based on IP-telephony.

Integrated services for IT services from Partners Media allow you to get quality and timely resolution of any problems in the field of information technology on the principle of “one window”. When you connect the services we provide you with a personal manager-analyst who work with you to determine the goals and methods of development of the IT services of your company, as well as ensure the implementation of all tasks. We will take questions choosing the best means of implementation, attracting qualified technicians, as well as advice on dealing with IT services. You can focus on their business objectives and ensure that IT services will meet the needs of your business.

As part of our comprehensive service services spetsilisty will help you create and maintain a virtual PBX system based on free Asterisk. Key features of the system:

Full-featured office virtual PBX features call forwarding, call queuing, voice menu, call recording
Supports all major protocols, IP-telephony (SIP, IAX) with the ability to connect to any phone service providers of your choice
Ability to connect multiple providers of telephony with automatic call routing
Ability to connect GSM-modem for calls over cellular networks, as well as interfaces for analog phone lines
Ability to use as a hardware platform as spetsilizirovannye device and inexpensive standard servers and even virtual and cloud servers
The ability to manage virtual PBX via web
Integration with CRM system

As you know, to streamline and automate the internal activity of the enterprise used the so-called system of ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning – Enterprise Resource Planning), aimed at improving processes such as planning, manufacturing, accounting and control of business processes. In these systems, the client has nothing to do with the business processes of an enterprise – it is out of these processes.

Integrate into the enterprise customer and provide him with personal service – a task that tries to solve any enterprise. As part of this task was born whole strategy that shifts the concentration of business efforts to restore order in the company towards customer service. This strategy CRM (Customer Relationships Management – Customer Relationship Management), hence the use in the beginning of the article mysterious word “customization”. CRM-system allow to “integrate” the customer to the company’s interests. The company receives the best possible information about their customers and their needs and, based on these data bases its organizational strategy that deals with the production, promotion, sales and service.

To understand what is the essence of CRM-strategy, consider a few examples from real life.

Do you regularly buy a newspaper kiosk in the near certain direction, and once kiosk will offer you a new newspaper or other publication, such as those that you prefer. When you visit your doctor will recommend you to a new drug or procedure, knowing your ‘story’ ailments and disposition of the body. But no kiosk or doctor do not even know that they use in their work technology CRM.

You buy a book on ancient Chinese art on the Web-site. When new books on the subject you have been notified of updates and will be given a discount as a permanent buyer.

To congratulate your best business partner a happy birthday, you go to a company that delivers flowers to order. Do not be surprised if in 11 months, you will receive by mail a beautiful catalog, which will contain many different kinds of gifts and a reminder about the upcoming birthday of your business partner.

Sending a monthly phone bill, the operating company offers a new service (new tariff international telephone calls or IP-telephony card), showing a particular save your money. Moreover, this proposal is only for those customers (or number of clients), details of which derived from the analysis of the scope and schedule of telephone conversations of the client (or a number of clients) for the previous 4 months.

And a number of examples can lead set. They show that in the follow-up in the provision of certain services is taken into account personalized customer demand. But for this system and use CRM.

2. Why do I need to access CRM?

The last few years in the western market marked by a number of global change, which led to increased interest in CRM-strategy. This is explained by the following reasons:

  • – Due to increased competition becomes critical problem retaining old customers, since, according to statistics IDS Research Group, a decrease in percent churn by 5% per year leads to an increase in profits of 25% to 55%.
  • – Widespread use of the Internet has facilitated access to suppliers of goods and services.
  • – Introduction of information technology allows a relatively low cost to maintain, process and use information about each case of interaction with the client.
  • – Many companies already have integrated information systems that automate all core business processes. In these systems, collects various kinds of information about customers, which can and should be transferred between units.
  • – The range of products is expanding all the time, so customers need to offer customized solutions, and for this it is important to involve the client as a partner in the design and manufacture of products and services.
  • – Today, the competition has moved to a level of service that requires very different technologies and approaches.
  • 3. Functions of the CRM-system

    CRM – a variety of computer systems is not. Although there are a number of systems that can support the implementation of CRM strategy, but, unlike ERP-systems, they do not provide ready-made solutions. There is a set of tools that can be used for the implementation of CRM-strategy.

    Immediately it should be noted that these systems do not have any scratch. CRM-system based on the already known applications, which are partially allowed to improve relations with customers. This systems such as SFA (Sales Force Automation – automation system sales agents), SMS (Sales & Marketing System – System Sales and Marketing), CSS (Customer Support System – customer support system). Despite the fact that there are many definitions, often under the CRM is a set of applications that allow you to collect customer information, store and handle it, and do it on the basis of certain conclusions and make them available in a convenient form. This definition is more common for one simple reason: that computer applications can quickly deal with the processing of large amounts of information flow about clients and their wishes.

    CRM-system allows employees a convenient way to enter customer information into a database or the same client to keep this information (for example, when registering or purchasing a product in the shop) (Fig. 1). Also taken into account and the information that refers to the interaction of the client with the company (interest in the goods and services purchased goods (services), price, quantity, purpose of buying, method of payment and so on.). Additionally, there may be age, marital status, annual income, assets and other information about the client. To the data maintained in the current state, they must be updated for each interaction with a client company.

    As the storage of this information may make the database management system used in the enterprise.

    But the most important is that the stored information can be claimed by different services of the enterprise and in different forms. For example, CRM-system based on the extrapolation of historical data can determine which product is better to offer a specific client. If the customer is a regular customer, it is a reminder that it is desirable to make a discount. Provides the ability to display information as to individual customers, and to the target group.

    4. Types of CRM

    Conventionally, a CRM system can be divided into three groups: operational, analytical and kollaboratsionnye.

    Operational CRM-system are used for quick access to information on a specific client in direct relationship with the customer – in the sale and service.

    This type of CRM-systems is the most common in traditional business.

    Analytical CRM-system used to analyze a variety of data relating to both the clients themselves, and to the company. Searches for statistical patterns in the data to determine the most effective strategy for marketing, sales, customer service, and so on. D. The data generated by these systems may be required by the marketing department, are presented to the client without the mediation of the company’s employees. This type of CRM-systems increasingly used in e-commerce.

    Kollaboratsionnye CRM-system enables clients to a much greater impact on the company as a whole, including the processes of design, production, delivery and maintenance of the product. Access to such systems, which are most common in the field of e-commerce, the Internet is used.

    5. The client-server solutions

    CRM-system data stored and processed in a centralized database. In this case, customers have access to it through remote terminals. Clients of CRM-systems can be both “external” and “internal” to the enterprise users. The interaction between the client and the server can be based on Intranet / Internet (through a standard Web-browser). The server usually consists of two applications: database storage, data processing and OLAP-server system for the analysis of these data. As DBMS products are used by well-known manufacturers such as Oracle, InterBase, Microsoft SQL Server.

    6. Systems of e-CRM

    Many people know that the prefix “e” means an electronic system and applied to e-business. As for e-CRM, they are nothing to do with e-business have not. Incidentally, all the modern systems CRM, no matter what business they are used anyway using the Internet technology.

    e-CRM-system – a system that is used by the firms operating in the field of e-commerce. In addition, these systems have all the features of conventional CRM-systems (to identify the most profitable customers, representation in visual form of information to the client), they are fully integrated with the Web-sites of company – all information with Web-site falls in e-CRM.

    The most popular type of CRM-systems in e-commerce systems are e-CRM for online stores. Usage of e-CRM in companies that sell over the Internet, there is throughout the interaction of the client and the company, starting with the search for potential customers and ending with the delivery of goods or services. Finally, the system of e-CRM can be used by companies that provide services to the Internet, for example, banking, trading, insurance

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