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Get the most exposure in the least amount of time

Need to drive traffic at a massive scale? Right this way. Global Traffic lets you tap into our own ad network, which garners
over 17 million daily impressions. Get thousands of visits per day and give your brand the reach and exposure it deserves.

How It Works

PartnersMedia will send global, unfiltered traffic to your site using our own ad network, thus putting your brand in front of millions. To get started, simply follow these steps:

  • Select a Global Traffic Package that’s right for you. Our packages start at $7,50 per 10,000 visits. Specify your site URL and hit the Order Now button.
  • Set your parameters. We give you the option to set a cap on your daily number of visits. For instance, if you don’t want all the traffic you purchased hitting your site in one day, you can limit traffic to the amount of your choice to spread out the traffic overtime.
  • Activate auto-renew. If you want your campaigns to be on auto-pilot so you won’t have to micro-manage them, simply enable the auto-renew feature of your campaigns. This speeds up and eases the delivery of your global traffic and automatically re-activates your campaigns without you having to lift a finger.

Accounts that have auto-renew activated receive priority traffic and faster delivery. Do note that you can still set a cap on your auto-renewed campaigns, allowing you to spread out your site visits over a set timeframe.

Auto-Renew is turned-off by default, and you can activate or deactivate the function at any time.

Benefits of Getting Global Traffic

  • Get leads from all over the world and connect with numerous potential customers
  • Drive more traffic in less time to increase rankings and exposure quickly
  • Save money with our affordable packages and offers

The Following are NOT allowed: Pop Ups, Pop Unders, Pop Behinds, Exit Pops (Any additional window generated by your site shall be considered a popup window, including dialog boxes, and JavaScript alert windows), adult content, hate text, illegal content or content that encourages illegal activities or violence, frame-breaking code, automatic downloads or scripts that alter user browser settings (auto homepage, bookmarks, etc.), advertising servers, ad rotators, or redirects of any kind.

We must inform you that this type of traffic may not be delivered in the form of full page views (visitors may leave your site before the entire content is loaded). Also be informed that these visitors ARE NOT IP Unique, which means that the same person may load the same page SEVERAL TIMES and each of those times will be counted as a “VISITOR” by PartnerMedia. We do not use any methods of spam such as unsolicited email or any other kind of spam to generate traffic.

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