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Partners Media is a fully automated and configurable business intelligence/lead generation service that discovers ad-hoc business leads that perfectly fit your needs

The Partners Media Way

roundedPartners Media is an automatic business lead generation service that helps businesses grow. Now, with only several clicks, sales teams can easily and efficiently discover new ad-hoc business opportunities with the highest possible likelihood of revenue generating customers.


How It Works

rounded_2Partners Media’s smart learning algorithms are based on a unique proprietary technology. Once a business defines its needs, the system scans relevant web data, analyses it, cross-checks it and rapidly suggests new and ad-hoc business opportunities that are commonly known as leads. These unique algorithms can also analyse feedback on spot, and automatically create new business leads accordingly.


How can you benefit

rounded_3Partners Media is a must-have technology for sales teams operating in a business-2-business organization. It’s easy – For the first time, sales managers can easily utilize a rich set of configuration options, in order to discover leads that will be converted into earnings.
It’s fast – With a quick set of clicks Lead spotting will deliver specific opportunities and leads , that will help you focus on your core business and enjoy an increase in sale ROI.
It’s Focused – As a result of that your sales cost will decrease but more important you will now be able to focus on a better set of prospects that can easily be converted to real opportunities and increase your revenues

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