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Placement of Your site in the DMOZ catalog is just the first step for your success on the way for the search engines promotion.

The link leading from this catalog is authoritative for the search engines and description of the site can be entered in snippets (descriptions) towards the links of the search results.


The DMOZ catalog is known as the catalog with the rigid manual moderation. It consists only of the carried out qualitative sites. It allows the users to find actual and reliable information..

Money is not the issue to bring the site in the catalog DMOZ. The sites conforming to requirements are brought in the catalog free of charge after application. For the majority this process is difficult and labor-consuming.


The majority of refusals in sign in on the site of DMOZ catalog is connected not with compliance of the site to its requirements and first of all with the wrong way in sigh in procedure of the demand. At the moment, the application form is rather difficult not only for common users, but also for Webmasters. After all, it is necessary to define most precisely category of the site among 11 thousand options, unmistakably to fill all the fields of the demand, to make capacious and correct description, etc.

Certainly, quality of the site is very important for the DMOZ catalog, but 40 % of its success will depend on high-quality drawing up the demand. We suggest you to make the most competent and exact demand for entering of the catalog’s site.


Practice shows that sign in can be refused for even really good sites if the site’s owner tried to make the demand independently and made some mistakes (even the insignificant ones).

Of course, it is possible to study a huge amount of documents and materials and the guides to drawing up statements for entering of the site into the DMOZ catalog. It does not guarantee you success, but just takes your time, which could have been carried out by you in the more useful way! The most productive decision is to rely on the professionals and allow us to do it for you! We will do all necessary that your site successfully is signed in the catalog. But, there is a number of things we cannot do instead of you:

  • We do not check your site for compliance to the quality requirements of the DMOZ site.
  • We do not guarantee entering of the site into the DMOZ catalog if it is impossible because of the compliances to the minimum standards and requirements of the DMOZ.
  • We do not pay for the decision on entering of the site into the DMOZ catalog, if it is not acceptable by its moderators.

    From the point of view of CEO it gives the following advantages:

  • Assignment to your site of the status of «reliability».
  • Positive influence on static indicators of a resource in PR.
  • More confidential relation from the side of the search engines such as Google, Yandex and the other ones.
  • Using the links provided by the DMOZ catalog, You have nothing to be afraid of the search filters:

  • A great number of references with similar subject which are also placed in the DMOZ catalog.
  • The DMOZ catalog is wide used not only by the Internet resources, but by its searchers as well.
  • The description of the site can be output in snippets (descriptions) to links in the search results.
  • The link conducting from the DMOZ catalog is recognized as authority for search engines which is known as a trustful one.
  • The site included in the DMOZ catalog can successfully sell links from its main and internal pages of this site at increased cost.

    According to the DMOZ Site Administrators’ opinion, the Site’s quality means the following:

  • The Site contains the contrast points of view according to the subject of the Site. ODC ( the Open DMOZ Catalog ) is known for its really big coverage of a large number of human knowledge that allows to cover the most number of points of view on this matter.
  • The Site contains the original and unique content, which can bring novelty in the subject of the section.
  • The Site does not copy contents of the other resources.
  • The site which is not included in the list of the inadmissible sites for entering into the ODC catalog.
  • The Site, with its substantial pages and the link in use.
  • The Site with no empty pages or pages with 404 mistakes.
  • The Site with no access because it is under creation , which has to be completed.The Site to be under testing or not a completed one, is recognized as not a good one for entering into the Open Catalog.
  • The Site, with its regular updating, containing actual information.
  • The Site with the optimized time of loading and good time of its smooth and continuous work.
  • The full list of comments can be found in the official ODP page which is highly advised to be visited.


    The Internet has quite many sites familiar even to those users who are not experienced enough with the Global net resources. But DMOZ.ORG is supposed to be known by any owner of a site who is focused on its project’s promotion. DMOZ.ORG is a wide known world project which has existed on the market for 12 years. This Site represents ” the Open Site’s Catalog ” , further called as ODR ( Open Directory Project ).

    What is a basis of its unshakable resource’s authority? From the moment of the Site’s foundation, the principle of manual selection of the resourced in use, has been followed. This particular approach towards the system in use gives an opportunity for the American Network, called –AOL- to receive a big respect and authority amidst the Internet users worldwide.
    Open Directory Project is known as the most informative and completed catalog for numerous the Internet sites. It was edited by live people ( not by machines ).

    The catalog’s editors fulfill all the obligations on a voluntary basis. The best way to confirm the authority of the DMOZ.ORG is to consider that the basis made by the DMOZ.ORG are a basis used by the majority of popular engines including Google, HotBot, Netscape, Lycos, Direct Hit etc.

    The Netscape corporation is engaged in monitoring of the ODP catalog. The staff assigned to the project is small enough. It consists of the general administrative unit. The unit is responsible for the development and implementation of the editorial policy focused on its basic principles, as well as its management of development, engineering support of the project etc. All the above mentioned is prescribed to the duties of this particular unit which is known to be in charge of . As a result, there is a reasonable question why the staff

    The project’s main concept gives a complete answer for: the ODR editors keep the catalog’s extension under the control ,its special check system allows to guarantee the contents’ quality in the catalog. The ODR is a source for many projects’ inspiration. The ODR is determined by the Netscape Corporation as the NON-commercial project.


    You can try to send your demand on your own ,but if it fails, no one will get You back the time and efforts to have been spent by You! The service we offer works for your convenience! It provides You with comfort and makes your life easier and more pleasant .

    In fact, 9 of every 10 demands are rejected of the mistakes which the participating site usually has. It makes the entering process more complicated.

    Is there any probability for a faultless demand filling for a user who does not know all the meticulous details for the sign in subtleties required by the DMOZ system Site well enough?

    If You make us be responsible for your demand, You will save you time and efforts.

    What You need is to bring your site into the framework of quality ,according to the required DMOZ standards!

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