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Политика конфиденциальности

The real privacy policy of personal information ( further – Privacy Policy ) functions relating to all the information which Partners Media Ltd. Company deployed on the domain name : ., the Company could get the information about the User alongside the use of the Company’s Site as well as here, by this address. You can also learn more on the Partners Media Ltd. Products and programs

1. Terms Definition

1.1.The real Privacy Policy uses the following terms:

1.1.1.”Administration of the Partners Media Ltd. (further called –Administration of the Site),” an employeeemployees obliged with the rights in management for the Site , on behalf of the Partners Media Ltd. Company are in charge for personal information processing and determine the final purpose of private data processing which are supposed to be carried out when dealing with private information.

1.1.2.”Personal information processing” – any of its actions ( operations ) to be carried out with the assistance of automation equipment means or with no any of them, with the private information ( data ) including : assembling, recording, systematization , accumulation, safety , specification ( updating , changes ) , retrieving , use, transferring ( distribution , providing with an access ), depersonalization , blocking , removal or destruction of the private data.

1.1.3.”Confidentiality of personal information” – has to be obliged and followed by the Operator or a person who has an access to private data in order to prevent its destruction having no consent from the private data subject or the reason relating to the other legal basis.

1.1.4.”Partners Media Ltd. Site’s user ( further – the User )” is a person with an access to the Site, using the Internet resources which deal with the Partners Media Site.

1.1.5.”Cookies” –is known as a small fragment ( part ) of data , sent by web servers and stored on the User’s computer , which the web client or the web browser readdresses to the web server at NTTR – request each time when it is necessary to open any certain page of the Site.

1.1.6.”IP – address ” is the very unique knot address for the computer’s net to have been built up to meet all the requirements of IP report.

2.General Provisions

2.1.Using the Partners Media Site, the User is considered to have accepted all the points of the current Policy of the Site and gives the permission ( User’s permission ) for the ( User’s ) Personal Data Processing.

2.2.In any disagreement case , when the User is not agree with any articles of the current Policy of Confidentiality of the Site, the User must stop the Partners Media Site’s using at once!

2.3.The Site’s Policy requirements are used only for the Partners Media Site! The Partners Media Site is not responsible for any actions of the third parties’ sites, which could be referred to and used their links placed on the Partners Media Site’s pages.

2.4.The specified personal information’s reliability is not considered as a subject to be checked by Partners Media Site’s Administration.

3.Policy on Confidence

3.1.The Policy establishes the implementation of the appropriate obligations of Partners Media Site’s Administration in the questions of nondisclosure and protection of a personal data to be provided by the User at the request by Administration when the User is passing the SIGN IN procedure on Partners Media Site.

3.2.The User provides the Administration of the Site with the requested personal information through the filling of the Sign in Forms place on the page for Sign In on Partners Media Site. The Sign In form has the following:

3.2.1.User’s Name

3.2.2. The User’s available phone number (to be in touch with ).

3.2.3.The User’s available mail box address.

3.3.Personal Data which is transferred when pages are being viewed with the established statistical script of the system and the ads blocks viewing are under the Company’s Protection.

  • These are the followings;
  • The Unique numerical identifier of the networks device ( IP address );
  • Information to be stored in Cookie – files;
  • Time of Entry;
  • Page Address;
  • Refer ( the address used for the transition from );
  • 3.3.1. Shutdown of the cookie –files in the browser can cause the incorrect work or a complete blocking of numerous functions on the Partners Media Site, which then requests for the following authorization.

    3.3.2.The Partners Media carries out the policy of the data acquisition on IP – addresses of the Site’s visitors. The purpose for it is the identification and solution of technical difficulties as well as the Users’ legacy control on the transactions and financial operations.

    3.4.Any personal information not to have been mentioned above ( the operating system, the device used to enter the site ) is recognized to be kept as the top secret one, stored in a reliable way! The only exception could be made refer to points : 5.2 and 5.3 of this Policy .


    4.1. User’s Data gained by the Partners Media Site’s Administration can be used for the following :

    4.1.1. User identification , registered on the website Partners Media with a view to concluding a cooperation agreement.

    4.1.2.To provide the User with an access for the Partners Media Site’s resources with the followed personalization.

    4.1.3. To establish the feedback with the User, to direct the requests and messages from the Partners Media Site’s Administration back .

    4.1.4.To identify the User’s location for safety.

    4.1.5.Confirmation o f truthfulness and completeness of the personal information given by the User.

    4.1.6.Account’s opening for the transactions purpose.

    4.1.7.The Partners Media Site User’s notification on the transaction ‘s condition.

    4.1.8.Payment’s processing and contest , confirmation of the tax or the tax privileges, definition of the rights for the User’s credit line.

    4.1.9.Providing the User with the effective client and technical support in an emergency case caused by the Partners Media Site problems of use.

    4.1.10.Providing the updated information on the new products , the new prices, the new special offers, new mail deliveries. This particular information is known to be sent only at the User’s consent. The Information can be delivered only on behalf of the Partners Media or in the face of their Partners!

    4.1.11.Advertizing activity implementation.

    4.1.12.The User has an access to the Partners Media Site’s partners ( the Site work in cooperation with ) or services in order to receive the updating and services from them.


    5.1.User’s Data can be processed within any term from the moment of its receiving by any way not to be in contradiction the current legislation.

    5.2.The User gives the consent to the Administration to be in charge of the personal information which can be sent to the third parties ( telecommunications organizations).

    5.3.Personal information of the User can be transferred to the authorized bodies based only on the current legislation which is in use.

    5.4.In case of Loss or Disclosure of the information of the User, the Administration of the Site is promised to inform the User on time!

    5.5.The Partners Media Site’s Administration carries out the appropriate measures on technical and organization safety for the User’s personal Data protection in order to prevent not lawful or an occasional access , any copying, changing, destruction, blocking, illegal distribution and any other activities of the third parties known to be illegal and not lawful.

    5.6.The Administration and the User (together) take measures to prevent the negative consequences caused by not lawful actions made with the User’s Data.


    6.1. The User is obliged :

    6.1.1.To provide the Partners Media Site with all the requested information.

    6.1.2.If there are any changes in the User’s Data, it must be updated by the User on his own and the Partners Media Site Administration should be kept informed on the User’s Data changes.

    6.2.The Partners Media Site’s Administration is obliged :

    6.2.1.The information to have been received by the Site of the Partners Media from the User, can be used only for the Site purpose ( according to the point 4 of the Site Policy ).

    6.2.2.To provide the confidential information with its reliable storage ,to prevent its use for sale purpose exchange, publication or disclosure or for the any other illegal ways with no preliminary signed User’s permission for it, except for the points 5.2 and 5.3 of the current Policy of Confidence.

    6.2.3.To take all the necessary security measures to protect the personal User’s information in accordance with the order, usually used to protect the information of this kind according to the existing business conduct.

    6.2.4.To carry out the User’s Data blocking, in case if the personal information is determined to be non reliable , from the moment of the User’s address or the lawful User’s representative or the authorized body on the protection of the rights.


    7.1.In case ,the Partners Media Site’s Administration violated the obligations, as a result, it caused the damage to the User ‘s Data which was used in an illegal way, the Site’s Administration is responsible for the not lawful activities caused the User’s personal information destruction with the exception mentioned in the points 5.2 , 5.3 , 7.2 of the current Policy.

    7.2.In case of User’s personal information was loss or disclosure the Site’s Administration is not responsible for :

    7.2.1.The confidential l information was public subject known before its loss or disclosure.

    7.2.2.The information had been received by the third party before to come to the Partners Media Site’s Administration.

    7.2.3.The User gave his permission for its disclosure.


    8.1.It is necessary to described of the claims in a written form ( all the written suggestions on the mutual settlements on the dispute in order to find the problem’s solution ) which appeared to be between the User and the Partners Media Site’s Administration before it is appealed to the court with the claim.

    8.2.The recipient of a claim is obliged to notify the applicant in a written form on the results of the claim consideration within 30 days.

    8.3.If no agreement has been achieved , the dispute will be submitted to court according to the legislation.


    9.1.The Site’s Administration is in power to change the current Policy requirements with no any User’s consent.

    9.2.The new policy of Confidence comes into forces from the moment of its placement on the Partners Media Site if anything different is not provided by the new Policy edition.

    9.3.In case of any questions on the Site’s current Policy, the Site’s Administration has to be notified on time.

    9.4.You can read more about the current Privacy Policy by the following address :

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